June 26, 2011

Fan Art

"My Favorite BoyWonder" created by DeviantART artist Kazeki. This is outstanding! I love the paintwork and I would love to have this art piece hanging on my wall :) To check out more art from Kazki, visit her DeviantArt homepage:  http://kazeki.deviantart.com/

"Hug him" created by DeviantART artist Vanilla-Rocket. Aww poor Superboy, but this is such a cute drawing though and it has a lot of emotion behind it! To view more of Vanilla-Rocket's art, go to her DeviantART homepage: http://vanilla-rocket.deviantart.com/

"Artemis" created by DeviantART artist maze-d. Very beautiful, I love the way Artemis looks and this is one of my favorite Artemis pieces! To see more art from maze-d, go to her DeviantART homepage: http://maze-d.deviantart.com/

"miss martian practice" created by DeviantART artist torisora. I think this art piece is really awesome! I love the style of the drawing and this is one my favorites :) To look at more of torisora's art, go to her DeviantART homepage: http://torisora.deviantart.com/

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