June 4, 2011

Young Justice comic book #2 & #3

I realized that I posted comic book reviews for Young Justice comic book #0, #1, and #4. Obviously I missed #2 and #3, I apologize for that! So I wanted to post what Young Justice comic book #2 and #3 looks like and what it's about :) It sounds good to me, so I will most def. buy it and do a written review on it. Is any of you interested in buying these comic book issues?

Issue #2
Superboy discovers that an unwanted guest in the team's cave is not really what he appears to be! Is the threat deadly to only The Boy of Steel – or is the entire Justice League in danger, as well? Superboy struggles to find the balance between fighting for himself and for the sake of others!

Issue #3
In issue three of Young Justice, Robin stumbles upon a plot by the League of Shadows to assassinate a local CEO.  He recruits the assistance of Kid Flash and Aqualad to attempt to foil the League's plan.  Despite resistance from Aqualad about not including the rest of the team these three heroes set out on a stake out.  They encounter The Hook and Black Spider and despite their attempts these heroes appear to have bitten off more than they can chew on their own...

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