June 2, 2011

Fan Art - Miss Martian centric

"Miss Martian as Red Tornado" by DeviantART artist inspector97. AWESOME! I love the Miss Martian and Red Tornado inspired art. Very creative and cool :) To check out more of inspector97's art, go to his DeviantART homepage: http://inspector97.deviantart.com/

"Young Justice: Miss Martian" by DeviantART artist Zashache. This is really beautiful! I like how Miss M was drawn and I think the colors are really vibrant :) To view more of Zashache's art, go to her DeviantART homepage: http://zashache.deviantart.com/

"M'gann" by DeviantART artist Vespee. I'm actually excited for every one to see this art piece because it's so cute! I love the style and it makes me like Miss M even more! To look at more of Vespee's art go to Vespee's DeviantART homepage:http://vespee.deviantart.com/ or Tumblr: http://vestien.tumblr.com/

"Miss Martian" by DeviantART artist XJKenny. Such a brilliant art piece! I love the colors and the style of the whole thing. This is one of my favorites of Miss Martian :) To see more of XJKenny's art, go to XJKenny's DeviantART homepage: http://xjkenny.deviantart.com/

"Young bubbly Justice" by DeviantART artist felisdeityus. This is adorable and the artist really went outside the box! Miss Martian looks beautiful :) To check out more of felisdeityus' art, go to felisdeityus' DeviantART homepage: http://felisdeityus.deviantart.com/

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