May 24, 2011

Old Polls closed, New Polls are up now!

Alrighty, the old polls are now closed. Just in case you missed it, the questions were, "Who would you want as a mentor?" and "Should Superman consider Superboy as his son?". I posted the stats down below. I love doing polls because it lets me and everyone else know what other Young Justice fans are thinking and feeling about certain situations with YJ. The new polls are already up, just check the right side of the blog.  Oh and I want to give a big thanks to all the people who have voted in the polls, it means a lot to me! ;)

For Who would you want as a mentor?....

  • Batman- Is the winner with 28 votes (58%)
  • The Flash- Second place with 11 votes (22%)
  • Green Arrow- Third place with 6 votes (12%)
  • Martian ManHunter- Fourth place with 3 votes (6%)
  • Aquaman- Last place with 0 votes (how come no one likes him?) 

For Should Superman consider Superboy as his son?....

  • Yes- This answer won with 27 votes (90%)
  • I don't know- Second place with 2 votes (6%)
  • No- This answer is last place with 1 vote (3%)

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