May 25, 2011

Fan Art- Robin Centric!

Hey! I thought it would be cool if I dedicated this post to all about Robin the Boy Wonder :) So I picked my four favorite art centering Robin. I will also dedicate a post to the other members of Young Justice, let me know if there is a certain character you want to see next! I hope you like the art ♥ 

"YJ: Boy Wonder" created by DeviantART artist AlvinDraper. Such an amazing art piece! I l.o.v.e it :) I think the drawing and the colors are awesome. Also I think the way AlvinDraper drew Robin is what makes everything stunning! To view more of AlvinDraper's art, click the link:

"Young Robin" created by DeviantArt artist Dranzer92. Aww, this is sooo cute :) When I first saw this art piece my heart melted :p I always love Robin and Batman fluff! Plus the drawing of Robin and the Bat-Teddy Bear is perfect! To view more of Dranzer92's art, click the link:

"Hahahaha" created by DeviantART artist kay0rbeam. I smile so big every time I see this! I enjoy Robin's laugh, I think it makes him even cooler, and seeing this art, justifies my opinion lol. I also like the black and white and I think the whole piece is artistic! To view more of  kay0rbeam's art, click the link:

"Young Justice - Robin" created by DeviantART artist W4M1. What a brilliant sketch! The details are amazing and I love Robin's expression. I wish I could draw like that! I really like this art because I can see the time and dedication W4M1 put into this, bravo! To view more of W4M1's art, click the link:

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