May 6, 2011

Fan Fiction

I have more Fan Fiction stories to recommend. I'm thankful that the authors allowed me to post their story links on the blog because I really think Young Justice fans would love the stories. If you like the stories, don't forget to leave a review and favorite the story and author! (Also to view older fan fiction stories I posted, go all the way to the bottom of the blog and click the link that says "older"). HAPPY READINGS!

1.) "Slinky Dresses on the Mantle" by Fan Fiction user Mikey's Kunoichi. This is a really pleasant story to read whenever your in the mood to relax and be entertained. I really enjoyed reading this fan fiction story and I right away knew I wanted to add the story link on the blog. Here is the summary of the story: After being invited to the Garrick's house for supper, Robin thinks about crowded mantles. To read the story click the link:

2.) "I Never" by Fan Fiction user MEEPheheCandy. This is such a hilarious story! I thought the whole idea and storyline was clever. When I was reading the story it reminded me how me and my friends would do stuff that the YJ team were doing in the story. Here is the summary of the story: Young Justice bonding with the classic game "I Never". Innocent littles party game, then you add teenagers. To read click the link:

3.) "A Mother Knows" by Fan Fiction user TheBlueFoxtrot A Samba. Such creative and excellent story telling. I think it has a little mixture of different genres and I think readers would really enjoy this story. Here is the summary of the story: Mothers know more than they let on. When she comes home slamming doors in the early morning, again, Paula feels the need to talk to her daughter. Just as long as she's not holding onto that bow of hers. One-shot. To read the click the link:

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