May 7, 2011

Fan Art

"Bat Daddy PWNS" created by DeviantART user Demented-shadows. Isn't this delightful? I thought this art piece was very cute and funny! I favorite right away! I love how the artist made Robin all jealous and Superman look like a dead-beat dad (which he is)! To view more art from Demented-shadows, visit her DevaintArt homepage:

"YJ: Just Aqualad...?" created by DevaintArt user akipunch. To me this is very breathtaking, I love the colors and the way it was drawn, I also love the quote too! I know a lot of people will like this art piece, so I'm glad I was able to post it. To view more of akipunch's art go to his DevaintArt homepage:

"Young Justice" created by DeviantArt Alicechan. I really love this art piece! The colors, the way the character were drawn, and their facial expressions are just incredible and vibrant. Very good artwork, love it! To view more of Alicechan's art, go to her DeviantArt homepage:

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