May 2, 2011

Fan Art

"Not Feeling Super" created by DeviantART user EvilFuzz. Gosh I really like this art piece, I think the way it is drawn is awesome and I also like the brother-type relationship shown between Robin and Red Arrow, very sweet and raw emotion :) To see more of EvilFuzz's art go to her DeviantArt homepage:

"Young Justice Tower" created by DeviantART user Lo-wah. Such a cute picture!!!!!! I'm always fascinated when artists draw Young Justice characters as children :) I really really think this art is cute and has great detail to it! To check out more of Lo-wah's art, go the her DeviantART homepage:

"YJ- Miss Martian and Superboy" created by DeviantART user aiconx. What I really liked about this art was the way the characters were drawn and I also like the speech bubbles, I think it's every cute and creative. I'm really rooting for Miss Martian and Superboy, so of course I would like this art piece! To view more from aiconx, go to her DeviantART hompage:

"Artemis" created by DeviantART user Autumn-Sacura. The artistic techniques is awesome in this art! I think Artemis looks really beautiful and the style is awesome. I've been looking for an Artemis picture, and when I saw this art, I really wanted to post it on the blog! To view more of Autumn-Sacura's art, got her DeviantART homepage:

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