April 12, 2011

Young Justice (ROBIN #1) MacDonalds happy meal toy review

Like I said earlier, I wanted to post a review about the Young Justice Happy Meal toys, I'm always eager to hear what others think. And I found this great video by Nabil6901 on YouTube, and he does a really in-depth review on the Robin happy meal toy. Out of all the videos i researched, I thought his was the best and I'm happy that he allowed me to add his video on the blog. I will be adding more videos from him because he has done other reviews on the Happy Meal Young Justice toys. I think everyone should subscribe to him and make sure to check out all of his videos, he has great videos, plus his videos have already made it to other websites. Here is his YouTube page link: http://www.youtube.com/user/Nabil6901. Don't forget to subscribe to him and thank you Nabil for letting me post your video on the blog and I also loved the video you made "To Kendra (KjavonD)", I'm very flattered that you took the time to give me a shout out, thanks ;) Can't wait to add more videos from you!

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