April 12, 2011

Fan Art

"Young Justice so youthful" is created by deviantART user Rinri. To check out more awesome art from Rinri here is the link to her deviantART page: http://rinri.deviantart.com/. I thought this photo was soooo cute and I just had to put in on the blog. I can totally imagine all the characters like this when they were younger :) I'll also be putting more fan art by Rinri because she created fashion sketches inspired by DC comics and I think it'll be cool to show everyone.

I love this one, it's called "Young Justice: Earth Studies" created by DeviantART user MonteCreations. To look at more of MonteCreations's art here is a link: http://montecreations.deviantart.com/. What I love about this art piece is the reference about Miss Martian learning about Earth through watching TV and Superman's reaction to it all. Priceless :)

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