April 19, 2011

Fan Art

Some more fan art I found! If you have any art that you would love to share, let me know I will post it on this blog :)

This astonishing art is created by DeviantArt user lychi. I love the way she captured the character's personalities. Especially Superman's, as you can tell his back is turned. I also loved the colors, the whole art piece looks vibrant! To check out more art from lychi, go to her DeviantArt homepage: http://lychi.deviantart.com/

This art piece is called "Got Your Back" by DeviantArt user SuperPineapple. I L-O-V-E it! Ok how awesome is it that Roy aka Red Arrow is in the pic protecting his team? Pretty Awesome! I really like the drawing and the whole idea of it. To view more of SuperPineapple's art go to her DeviatArt homepage: http://superpineapple.deviantart.com/

This cute and emotional art piece is created by DeviantArt user Vannila-cat. I really wanted to put this on the blog because it's so creative. I can really imagine something like this happening to Superboy and Aqualad. The drawings are really cute and i love the facial expressions. To look at more of Vannila-cat's art go to her DeviantArt homepage: http://vannila-cat.deviantart.com/

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