April 18, 2011


My friend and a fan of Young Justice, Sara, has made a video promoting the blog! That is totally awesome, and I always feel grateful when others show their interest and want to support me and the Young Justice blog. The support that I get from others really motivates me to make this blog even better and more interesting. Believe me, I am constitnetly thinking on improvements and what the fans would like to see. Not only am I putting my ideas on the blog, but I would to get other Young Justice fans ideas too! Whatever you guys want to see on this blog, let me know and I WILL MAKE THAT HAPPEN. Thanks again Sara, i really am grateful it :) To subscribe to sara and check out her other videos go to: http://www.youtube.com/user/sugoisara


  1. Sara is beautiful. I just noticed, she had the same hair cut with Miss Martian in Young Justice.
    How to draw Miss Martian

  2. Sara is beautiful :)
    oh i will most def. check out the miss martian video!


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