March 12, 2011

First Post Ever

HELLO! Welcome to the Young Justice blog :) This is a new blog that I have created, I've been searching for awhile now if there is any Young Justice animated series blogs out there, and I haven't found any totally dedicated to the series. Maybe there is one, I just haven't seen it. But Let me know if you YJ fans out there know about a blog that's totally dedicated to the series! Anyways... I've decided to make this blog because 1) I l-o-v-e the fan-based community out there, 2) There isn't (maybe there is) a blog out there totally dedicated to YJ, 3) I love sharing info and other stuff with others over something we all love, and 4) I'm a little obsessed with Young Justice ;) So with this blog I would love to post info about the show, reviews about the episodes, share what other fans think, post interviews, videos, fan fiction stories, and just other cool stuff! If you guys have any ideas let me know!!! I love advice and helpful tips, so don't be shy, let me know. We are a fan-community, so this blog is for everyone who loves, appreciates, likes enjoys (and all the other good words) Young Justice! I'm excited, I hope you guys are too!

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