March 14, 2011

Episode #9


The latest episode of Young Justice was "Bereft". I thought this was a great episode, but then again, every episode is great :)

I liked how this episode focused on Miss Martian stepping up and taking the lead. It seems that maybe future episodes might focus on each character. For example episode 8, "Downtime", was more Aqualad centric. I hope soon there will be an episode focused on Robin and Kid Flash.

Anyways, I was very impressed with Miss Martian's powers and abilities, I also thought it was cool that she spoke in her native language, "Waticha (OK i don't know what that means, i just heard her say it lol)".

I was on YouTube watching the episode over again and i read some of the comments others left- let's just say not everyone was happy with Miss Martian's decision to save Superboy over Aqaulad. I guess it shows that she's really really really into Superboy (duh!).

I think the best parts out of the whole episode was scenes with Kid Flash and Artemis. Gosh I love them together and I loved the dialogue between each other, I swear I was laughing the whole time. I cant wait for the next episode, i want to see if they are going to mention what happened between Kid Flash and Artemis. This Friday coming, there will be re-runs. I heard that Cartoon Network is trying to see if the show is popular enough to keep it running. Lets cross our fingers in hope the series will keep on going!

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