February 3, 2013

Young Justice: Legacy Supports Petition

Young Justice: Legacy, the future video game based on the animated series Young Justice & Young Justice: Invasion, today posted on the video game's Facebook page their support for saving Young Justice and signing the petition at change.org. Here is their post down below:
We've gotten several messages to post links to help save the show. 

We have no affiliation with Change.org or the folks behind these petitions. 

However Young Justice is a great series, so if you would like to show your support, then here is where you can petition to keep the show on the air:



A few days ago Young Justice: Legacy Facebook also posted this message:
To all the fans that have privately emailed us or posted on the Young Justice: Legacy Facebook wall:

Any decision by Cartoon Network regarding the show has no bearing on the Young Justice video game.

The 2nd trailer is underway, cut scenes for the storyline are being finalized, and the network multiplayer features are being thoroughly tested. We are very proud of all the time and effort everyone on our team has put into the game, and we look forward to sharing more information soon.
Don't forget that Young Justice: Legacy will be released on Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, DS and PC in February 2013. 

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