February 8, 2013

Synopsis For New Young Justice Episode (pics + clip)

The newest episode is titled "War" and it's episode #14 in season 2. "War" is written by Jon Weisman and directed by Mel Zwyer.

This is episode about a conqueror from another world becomes a wild card in an intergalactic game of supremacy — placing planet Earth square in the jackpot.




  1. Just saw this episode and it was great! minor nit bits. but thats just me. such as...


    when blue betrays the team i found it kind of dumb how they could all be taken down by one guy. It made me feel like the whole team is just so useless. Half the team goes down in one hit and even superboy was pretty useless. He noticed blue is evil and still just screams why? at least 3 times before he finally goes down. Honestly. smack him down then ask questions. he just took down the team. I think thats explanation enough.

  2. I agree with you, I was actually irritated that Blue went evil, like damn how many twist and turns does there need to be? lol and yeah he did take down the team pretty quickly, I'm actually a little confused on that scene because like you said, everyone should of just ganged up on him.

  3. That episode made me feel all the feels. And I hate that Jaime went bad. He was my favorite character! But the way he turned on them, I can see how they would be confused, and not want to hurt a potential team member.

    1. I too hated that Jaime went bad, I wonder how he got that way. Maybe the green beetle didn't really help?

  4. No the Green Beetle was an agent if reach nd played the good guy to get the blue beetle to trust him. Kid Flash presiction is coming true.

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