December 27, 2012

ComicBook's Young Justice: Legacy Interview

Website recently did an interview with Reed Livingston and Sharon Scott from Young Justice: Legacy. In the interview, more information is given about the upcoming video game and the creative process behind it. Here are some excerpts from the interview,

Where does the story fit in with the continuity of the show and can you give us a rundown of it?
The game story takes place a little over a year before the events of Season Two. The Team has changed in size and experience since its inception. While some might think of it as a training ground for up-and-coming Justice League members, the young superhero squad is really the Justice League’s go-to covert ops team.
The story starts when an archaeologist is kidnapped and Batman requests the help of the Team in finding her. It isn’t long before the Team realizes that she is being forced into locating pieces of an ancient artifact with the power to destroy the world.
From screenshots, the gameplay looks similar to that of the X-Men Legends/Ultimate Alliance series from Marvel. Is this a fair comparison? If not, what kind of gameplay can we expect?
That style of game is definitely what we were going for initially, though we wanted to add even more “classic” ARPG elements, like ancient locations and a dungeon-crawl-like feel.

If you would like to read more of the interview click here, plus you never know if your questions about YJ: Legacy will be answered!

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