November 1, 2012

Young Justice Will Air On Boomerang For This Month

The worldsfinestonline wrote an article explaining the whole switch-a-roo and line-up for this month. Boomerang is a channel from Cartoon Network that shows cartoons from Time Warner and Cartoon Network. Down below is the piece from worldsfinestonline:
A representative for Cartoon Network has confirmed that – beginning Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 – Young Justicewill be part of the Boomerang network line-up. The animated series was recently removed from the Cartoon Network schedule – along with Green Lantern: The Animated Series and the entire DC Nation programming block both series were a part of – for unexplained reasons earlier this month. The removal of DC Nation – and its accompanying programming – caused an uproar among creators working on the programs and fans. Two back-to-back episodes of Young Justice will air Saturday nights at 9:00pm (ET/PT) on Boomerang.
The episode “Misplaced” will air November 3rd, 2012 at 9:00pm (ET/PT), followed by “Coldhearted” at 9:30pm (ET/PT). The remainder of the November 2012 airing schedule is set for release later this week.
According to the Cartoon Network representative, adding Young Justice to the network line-up is being done to allow fans and viewers to get caught up with the series before the return of the DC Nation programming block come January 2013 on Cartoon Network. Young Justice is currently not being considered a permanent addition to the network schedule. There is currently no official confirmation if Green Lantern: The Animated Series will also join the Boomerang network line-up.
Starting November 3rd, 2012, two back-to-back episodes of Young Justice will air Saturday nights at 9:00pm (ET/PT) on Boomerang
Remember that if you do not have Boomerang you can always call your cable provider and see if you're able to get it. I'm assuming Cartoon Network is doing this because of the all the backlash and want us to be satisfied....well I'm not. BUT it will be nice to see some YJ episodes on another channel.


  1. They're driving me crazy with all of this. On the one hand, we'll be getting episodes of YJ (albeit reruns) but to hear that YJ isn't considered for permanent addition makes me angry as heck. CN really isn't making smart decisions lately. They better think long and hard about including YJ because a video game is coming next year. That and the comics based on the show plus sales of episodes shows how loved and desired YJ is (the new episode sold so much it made it into the top 5 featured things, thank you very much). It's also shown when you take into account the number of fans on the YJ anon meme and fanfiction stuff (it's already in the top 10 on; it just beat Invader Zim on the list by 5 stories).

    If YJ isn't considered for the time slot then it better be shown somewhere else because it needs to be shown. That, or CN is going to lose even more of its viewers (more than they've /already/ lost).

    1. Hey Juan, glad to talk to you lol it's been awhile! I agree with everything you wrote, it seems like CN is just not thinking straight and some how is getting their data incorrect. Maybe some people need to be fired from the network lol. Hopefully another channel picks up YJ, it would be nice if Nickelodeon did.

  2. This is truly sad, but then again its expected from the brain-dead people that work at Cartoon Network nowadays. I blame Stuart Snyder but then again i blame him for everything wrong with CN nowadays but i digress...
    I actually hope that "The Hub " picks this show up along with GLTAS, since they are already doing DC shows like Batman and Superman the animated series, and even some real life DC shows as well like "Lois and Clark", so why not add these awesome shows as well ^_^
    Thanks for the blogs!, it really helps me to stay connected to this awesome fanbase!!!! ^_^
    P.S. if you haven't already sign the Get back DC nation petition at and spread the word about it! Let's keep pressuring CN!

    1. "The Hub" is a good idea! I totally forgot about that channel lol. Why do you blame Stuart Snyder? I don't know who he is.

      And thank you so much :) I did sign the petition and did a post about it too. Keep up the support for Young Justice <3.

    2. Unfortunately he is the current president/Ceo of Cartoon Network nowadays since 2007. He kinda has a really bad record with managing the company due to his horrible ideas but im sure Google can tell you more if you interested, but i'll give you one instance...adding Reality shows...on CARTOON network! Have like i said really bad record....He's not liked by me and many other older fans for taking off all of the older cartoons of the past as well.
      I suppose he's the guy that has the final say in what Cartoon Network does with their shows and stuff, so if DC nation is gone its probably because he approved of it being taken off, which sucks.
      Jim Samples, the previous president since Cartoon Network's founding, was in my opinion a much better president but he's gone =(

      Anyways and you're welcome ^_^
      It's always a pleasure reading my daily young justice newspaper lol

  3. Regardless of where it's shown, I don't think this changes anything. As Comic Uno has already said, this just might be a sign that Young Justice is getting cancelled. If so, it shows that we need to do everything in our power to make sure that Cartoon Network end the hiatus before January. That means signing the petition, sending them e-mails, sending them snail mail, and boycotting everything on Cartoon Network and Boomerang except Young Justice. This goes out to everybody reading this.


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