October 19, 2012

Young Justice Comic Issue #21 Now Available

The newest comic issue that is now available for sales is comic issue #21 and titled Young Justice: Invasion 2 of 6. It was written by Greg Weisman and art by Christopher Jones. #21 is about

  • Aliens have arrived on Earth-16!
  • Superboy and five Justice Leaguers have been abducted!
  • Metropolis is in danger!
  • Enter: Brainiac

The comic issue has been on sale since October 17th, 2012. If you don't have a local comic store near you, here are the websites I recommend buying from online and online internationally, http://yjcave.blogspot.com/2011/10/buying-young-justice-comics-online.html

Sneak Peak Photos from issue #21


  1. If you head over to ask greg he make a lighthearted post. Weather that means he's in a good news or trying to blow off bad news is bad news. We all know he can be a bit of a smartass sometimes. Everyone pray for the former though. Saturdays are gonna feal empty now. We don't even have reruns to look forward to. Please give us some good news greg

    1. LOL greg can be a smartass sometimes. I'll go on his website and check it out and probably blog about it. I already forgot that YJ was suppose to come on today, now that's disappointing.


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