October 4, 2012

"Darkest" Episode 9 Promo Photos!

photos from worldsfinestonline. 

I always enjoy seeing Kaldur in the season 2 episodes, especially now since we know he's undercover.

I wonder if that is Miss Martian or the real villain?

Very excited to see Artemis as her new persona! but what's up with Kaldur? lol.

Your thoughts on the promo photos?


  1. Sorry, this isn't really about tomorrows episode, but how did Superboy not hear Artemis' heart beat in Depths? It just doesn't make sense to me. Maybe you could enlighten me. :)

    1. You know that's a good question....it never crossed my mind. I'll ask that question on tumblr and see what people's answers are and then I'll post about it :)!

    2. She took a pill that slowed her heartbeat to the point that Superboy couldn't hear it.


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