September 19, 2012

Comic Issue #20 Now Available, Also Some Promo Photos!

Young Justice artist Christopher Jones on his website posted about issue #20 and provided some sneak peek photos. Christopher Jones wrote this on his website:
The latest issue of Young Justice jumps five years ahead to mirror the hit animated series Young Justice: Invasionand aliens have invaded earth! Meanwhile, Devastation, an escaped felon and known operative ofQueen Bee, is on the loose in Metropolis. But why is she here, and what does she want? And the Young Justice team is about to recruit a new member … but will he be a good match? 
Zantanna and Nightwing kiss? Scandalous!

I have a feeling this mission is going to be action packed, like always!
Artist Christopher Jones regularly posts updates on Young Justice and writes about interesting things in the comic-book world. Down below is the links to his website and facebook fan page.


  1. Whoa. That kiss was pretty hot for a cartoon.

    1. lol that's why I like YJ, it's good for the older audiences.


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