August 20, 2012

Could There Possibly Be Two More Seasons Of Young Justice?

A couple of days ago I was talking to the host of the SirkShow247 (YouTube show) and he told me that he saw on twitter that Cartoon Network wants Young Justice to have four seasons. Cartoon Network would only do that if season 2 does good in ratings, if so then two more seasons could possibly be made. One of the main reasons that Cartoon Network wants YJ to have more seasons is because they want to keep the DC Nation block going for a while on Cartoon Network.

If this information turns out to be true, then it opens a lot of scenarios the producers can write on. Will they take the show back to it's original time (5 years ago)? Or will the time period keep on going forward? Also there's the tons of DC characters that could be introduced in the show.

But like I wrote up top, this information has not been confirmed but it would be awesome if that is 100% true because then there's a chance we get more seasons of this marvelously top-notch show.

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