July 24, 2012

Photos from Young Justice:Invasion Sneak Peek

Some great photos from the video I posted earlier that was shown at Comic-Con SD 2012. 

I get very excited when I see the first photo, Tigress and Black Manta. Those two look so cool standing together.

Been reading a lot about Deathstroke in this photo. From reading the reactions from fans about seeing him in future episodes, I'm very interested in seeing what kind of trouble he'll be brining to the season.

This character, I read, is named Samurai. He can controll wind, can make himself invisible, has flame-capabilities, and creats illusions.

I giggle at this photo because Black Beetle's expression is funny.

Super excited to see Static, and I want to see how he is introduced in the show. I actually like the fact the more characters are being put in Young Justice. Of course in the beginning I wanted no new characters since I was still bummed about the 5 yr time skip but I'm over that and now I think it'll be even more exciting to watch the new characters in YJ.

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