June 1, 2012

Is This A Clue About "Bloodlines"?

Recording session with George Eads, Jason Spizak, Geoff Pierson
Here's an excert from the website PeterDavid.net and the reason why me and other fans think this might be a clue to what to expect in the newest episode "Bloodlines".  
Exclusive to this site, here’s a behind the scenes photo from the recording session for my second season episode of “Young Justice.” You’re looking at three generations of Flash, voiced by (l-r) George Eads as Barry Allen/Flash, Jason Spizak as Kid Flash, and the debut of Geoff Pierson as the Golden Age Flash (who looks so much like Jay Garrick that he could cosplay him at Comicon). Photo courtesy of David Wilcox of the YJ production team and used with permission. 
Alright after last week's episode we got to see the preview to "Bloodlines" and the Flash was shown and the excert above says second season episode of Young Justice. Of course I could be totally way off and all three heros might be shown in another episode but being that the preview trailer showed the Flash, this picture, and that the recording session was for the second season, maybe this can be a clue to what to expect? And I know everyone, especially on tumblr, is going berserk over no information about the tomorrow's episode. Let's hope a summary at least comes out soon, if more news comes out today I'll be posting about it ;].

Thank you to Savannah S. for the information :)!

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