June 4, 2012

Guest Writer: "And So The Plot Thickens."

And so the plot thickens...am I right or am I right? First off, Bart's here!! How many of you are excited about that? His appearance gives us four of the original members (comic-verse) of the Young Justice team. (These four being Robin/Tim Drake, Superboy, Wondergirl/Cassie, and Impulse/Bart.) This practically confirms a theory I developed a while back. Theory: That the first season was just the warm-up season, the appetizer, the prologue. But this season is that actual meat, the real story. (But we all got attached to the first season characters and so started an uproar that's just now starting to be quelled.) 

Secondly, the ending of "Bloodlines"...wow...that was some heavy stuff. It makes you wonder who wins and what happens to the Justice League and alters the future of Earth 16 that much. It makes me worry. And it's also surprising. This is supposed to be a kid’s show, but do you think it is? I don't think so...(I'm a seventeen year old watching cartoons....I'm worried out of my skull for what's going to happen to my babies...I can only wonder what the nine/ten year olds are thinking about this.) And lastly, Real!Roy has been found by Clone!Roy and Cheshire (AND LIAN!!! SHE IS SOOO ADORABLE AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!!!). It makes me wonder...how is he going to react to all of this? To waking up to it being eight years after he last remembers (Captain America much?) to find that he was replaced (which nobody noticed for three years) and finding that he's missing half a ligament. All-in-all...it can't be good. But Greg and Brandon make me happy! We've been seeing major character development through these past few episodes! And I love it! 

But we haven't really been seeing much "team-building" we're still unclear about how the different team members act with each other...is there any budding romance? (I'm hoping for some Jamie/Cassie!) And can we hope for Cissie or Mia? (Since Bart's here...maybe some Spitfire 2.0?) Cause I think Cissie did make an appearance during "Insecurity" of season one. So...what do you guys think? Any theories or concerns you agree/disagree with? Have any of your own?

Written by Random Revelations, guest writer for YJ Cave


  1. Hey Kendra I'm back! rsrs. What an amazing text! Everything that I thought, and I thought it was wrong, is not! And I'm happy to see that someone else likes Lian! She so cute, I just wanna hug her! And Spitfire, wow, that would be amazing! But we already have Megan, we don't need another allien, right? lol.

    I really wanna see more about the new team, the friendship and this kind of stuffs! And new romances... well, I love TeenLove! I noted a little spark between Batgirl and Nightwing, and they look adorable together! But the major couple, SuperMartian, is the one that I'm worried! They have to get back, I hate to see SB so sad! But he looks very sexy when he's jealous!

    This writer is right, this is not a kid show! I have 17 too, and I'm so worried with what is going to happen with them! The show doesn't have nothing that a kid can't see, but is a little complicated for them! I know is idiot, but the only thing that I thought when Bart told that Flash was going to be dad was "WOW, seems that Flash was busy these weekend... hehe"! But I'm happy for them! And there's another thing that I was curious... Everybody knows now that Green Lantern is gay, but, will the writers put this thing on the show? Woulb be very cool, show to all the kids that even the Superheros can be gay and save the world! lol. This would be a huge step for DC and the world, to show the people that we are the same, even in comics we can be who we really are! Do you guys have the same opinion about this or I am the only "crazy" here?

    1. I want to see romance too :). You know I like that stuff ;]. And lol you would think SB looks sexy when he's not in the best of moods!

      I think it's great the show is more mature because then the show has more of a broader audience, the older audience (which is us) have more of an impact I think. Also it'll teach the kids to be more mature ahha.

      I had thought about the show having gay topics. Idk if they are going to do that but it would be very nice to see representation of the gay community :).

    2. Of course SB is sexy! When he's upset, he's irresistible! Yeah, would be awesome to have a gay character! Here in Brazil we have a comic called "Turma da Mônica Jovem" and they have a gay character! Is a very popular comic here, the writer is amazing! An the comic is for kids, but they put this kind of things to teach to them that we are the same, doesn't matter who you are! I support this kind of stuff, is really important to show to the kids this kind of things! I don't know if the show has this kind of support, or how the people would react with this, because you saw what the people said about DC when they told that Lantern was gay! It wasn't nice... But do it what, right? The people are ignorant, we just have to show them the right way :)


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