May 23, 2012

YJ Cave Updates

Facebook Page
I recently created a facebook for YJ Cave. There you can get the most recent updates about Young Justice sent to you through facebook. Also I made it easier to connect with other Young Justice Fans. Here is the link to the facebook page:

Added to 'Become a Hero'
I have added five new non-profit organizations and charities to Become A Hero. The newly added are NOW (National Organization for Women), Feminist, Charity Water, GLAD (Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders), and National Breast Cancer.

Google Plus
If you have a Google+ account then you know you can share tons of stuff with family and friends, now you can share about this Young Justice blog :). On the left side of this website is a Google+ button that'll let you share about YJ Cave with friends and family.

Added to 'What is Young Justice'
The descriptions of the new team is now on the page. Each member has brief bio about them, the only one who is Mal Duncan.

Added to 'Other Young Justice Websites'
Two more websites that focus on Young Justice are under this page.


  1. AnonymousMay 23, 2012

    Will you continue the blog? Or is everything being moved to facebook?

    1. I'm still continuing the blog :). The facebook page is so people can get Young Justice updates faster through their fb page.


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