April 27, 2012

YJ Producers On The Competing Robins and New Season (Interview)

IGN had a great opportunity to interview the Producers of Young Justice, Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti, about the newest season. I totally enjoyed reading the interview and here's my favorite part of the interview, I think it'll help answer the question about Robin:

A topic that has often come up in the IGN comments section is the construction of the show's version of Robin, and how he seems to walk the line between the Dick Grayson and Tim Drake Boy Wonders at times. When asked about this, Vietti pretty strenuously disagreed with the notion -- and wouldn't say one way or another if we'll be seeing any other Robins enter the picture this season.

"I think our Dick Grayson is very Dick Grayson, and … I guess there are two small aspects [that are different]," he said. "His costume has some Tim Drake influence, but frankly, the little elf shorts weren't going to fly in the 21st century, so anything we did to give him long pants was going to feel sort of Tim Drakey. Then the other thing is that we gave him hacking skills, which we think would just suit the Dick Grayson of the 21st century as well. But personality-wise, I think our Dick Grayson is clearly Dick Grayson. His background is the circus. He's the acrobat first, martial artist second. … How this evolves going forward throughout this season or potential future seasons, I don't really want to get into. But I really do feel that aside from a couple of pretty superficial elements, our Robin is and always has been very Dick Grayson and has never been very Tim Drake."

To read the rest of IGN's interview with Weisman and Vietti, click here! And thanks to Krissy Kriss!

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