April 29, 2012

Schedule For May

"Earthlings" - May 5, 2012
Part of the Team arrive on Rann to uncover the source of the invasion.

"Alienated" - May 12, 2012
Both the Team and the Justice League discover that the invading Kroloteans are getting help from an unexpected source.

"Salvage" - May 19, 2012
While part of the Team battles Intergang, Nightwing and others reach out to a former comrade.

"Beneath" - May 26, 2012
Blue Beetle searches for a missing friend, while other members of the Team travel to Bialya to investigate.


  1. Okay after rewatching the first episode of invasion like five times I think im beginning to like this season. And in still adjusting to the fact of nightwing. But it's all good. I can't wait till the savage episode. I wanna see who the former comrade is. I also hope that they show what happened to Wally, artemis and kaldur. Im also starting to like blue bettle. :3

    1. I too am adjusting and I think season two will still be awesome ;). lol Blue Beetle and Lagoon Boy seem to be the funny ones in the team.


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