April 21, 2012

Reviews From The Top Young Justice Reviewers On YouTube

Ok before I introduce the reviewers down below, I have to write.... OMG THIS WAS SUCH AN EPIC EPISODE!! Everything just came together for the final episode in season one. My favorite scenes were 1) Finally Superman accepts Superboy and I hope their relationship builds in season two. And their scene together was very sweet. Their fight was a long time comin'! 2) Fight scene between Robin and Batman, Oh man oh man, my body was tense watching Batman beat Robin lol but I have to give props to Robin! 3) Kissing scene with Artemis/Wally, Robin/Zatanna, and Rocket/Aqualad (though she really didn't kiss him all the way on the lips). And yes I am a SpitFire girl so I smiling when Wally and Artemis kissed! 4) The whole situation with Red Arrow/Speedy. I can't believe Roy lost an arm, I was like I must be seeing things. 5.) And pretty much everything else!! One of the best episode ever, it's great being a Young Justice fan! Can't wait for season 2, saw some awesome characters in the little promo after YJ finished on TV.

Alright these next reviews are from the top Young Justice reviewers on YouTube, they get hits on YouTube all the time from Young Justice fans and they really do their best reviewing YJ episodes!


Visit Kriss' YouTube channel by clicking here, I promise his vids are hilarious! And he does different Young Justice TV shows, like "Let's Talk Young Justice".


Stop by MangoSirene's channel, her videos are ranging in reviews, cosplaying, and reports. Click here to do so!


WonderlandSoul dedicates her channel to Young Justice and fans are noticing due to her high view count and ratings. To see her videos click here!

Comic Uno

Comic Uno is the go to person for reviews, especially her videos on the Young Justice comic books and she's been doing some great YJ reviews! Visit her channel by clicking here.

What did you fanboys and fangirls think of the season finale?


  1. I loved the AquaRocket( Aqualad & Rocket), Spitfire( Kf and Arty), SuperMartian( You should know who they are), and Chalant ( Robin and Zatanna, if you are wondering why I call them Chalant, check the first episode with Zatanna, it explains it!) moment! Finally!!!

    1. I remember why Chalant is special, it took me awhile to remember though lol. Isn't when Rob and Z met and Chalant is suppose to be non-chalant?

    2. Yeag=h. It was after they found out about her powers and Robin said" I am trying to be all non-chalent about this." Than Zatanna said" Why be as Chalent as you want." Or something like that!

  2. HEHEHEHEHE! I knew it that you would like the episode!! I was dieing to talk about it with you!! Imagine how would be if you had already seeing the episode but you don't have a friend who likes YJ much as you to talk about it!! Is so good that now you guys can tell what you think! I saw some comments on youtube, and seems that everybody liked too!

    Yeah, the moment of SupermenxSuperboy was beautiful, I was like "finally!!!". All the fight were great, but my favorite was the one between Miss Martian e the Martian Manhunter! Was just a telepathic battle! And all that "kissing thing" was so nice! I'm a RobinxWally fan, but I like WallyxArtemis too! And yes, the kiss between Rocket and Aqualad was just on the cheek, I saw this yesterday. And now you will have to wait just like me to see the next episode, the first of the second season!!!!!

    And I just saw that a new character was revealed, Wonder Girl!!! Here's the link of the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IXROjTdmgEI !! Enjoy it, cause I know I will!!

    1. Ahaha yes, SB and SM scene (when Superman decided to stop acting like an ass) was SWEET! I'm sure you did enjoy the fight scene between MM and her uncle cus she's your fav! You're into slash? Well there's tons of fanfic stories and pics for the RobinxWally fans ;]. Thanks so much for the link to the vid, I'll be using it!

  3. I was flipping out during most of the episode! But I was really hoping that KF and Arty's first kiss would be... different. I don't like how the couple thing is playing out. I think they just need to let SB and Megan be a couple and have KF and Arty continue their love/hate relationship!
    I cant believe Roy was a clone! D,: They better save him!!! I can't wait to see how it all plays out! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

    1. I wanted KF and Artemis to kiss in private, make it more romantic. I was thinking how some wouldn't like how each member has someone.
      I know the whole Roy thing was crazy! I hope they save him too. Lol this show is very very x100 good!

  4. Kudos to the writers for naming StarroTech after Starro! I really liked that! Batman vs. Robin made me squeal. It also made me think of Nightwing. But then again when am I not thinking of Nightwing? XD As for Roy not having an arm.....At least Lian isn't alive so she can't die!! If that's any consolation....:/

  5. Anyone notice the "Justice League the animated series" shout-out? Near the end of the episode when Robin is talking about the six JL members that were unaccounted for an hour. They just so happened to consist of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batmen, Martian Manhunter, GL John Stewart, and Hawkwoman... Coincidence? I think not.


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