April 10, 2012

Poll Results

A huge thanks to everyone who voted on the latest poll, like I wrote last time this is the most votes a YJ Cave poll has gotten before, about 100 votes more! I will be making a new poll which is positioned on the right side like I always do lol.

[Results for Question: Choose Your Favorite Female Character On The Team]

Artemis came in 1st place with 145 votes (58%)

Zatanna came in 2nd place with 53 votes (21%)

Miss Martian came in 3rd with 48 votes (19%) 


  1. Looks like Artemis won by a landslide. But I am surprised Miss Martian came in third. Guess that "Hello Megan!" got old.

    1. I was surprised with all the votes Artemis got and Miss Martian being in third was also a shocker. Lol I remember reading how her saying was annoying for some.


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