April 25, 2012

New Young Justice Game On CartoonNetwork.com

CartoonNetwork.com has a new Young Justice game to play online. This game has a more focus on season two, Young Justice: Invasion. The game is called "Shadow Mission" and there's 15 levels to play, plus a level called Klarion Mode. Click to play Young Justice: Shadow Mission.

I tried the game out and I noticed that Robin called Miss Martian "Mal"....what was that all about?


  1. Ok, so this is my theories/predictions about the characters in Young Justice: Invasion:

    There is a time skip and the only members left of the original team are Superboy and Miss Martian. During the time skip Dick became Nightwing, Wally became a Flash of some kind and Aqualad returned to Atlantis. Tim Drake becomes Robin (no Jason in this universe?)

    Anyways, these are just my predictions and I can't wait until Saturday.

  2. He said Mal because he was talking to Mal Duncan. Mal is the guy in Happy Harbor High School that dressed up in the 90's Superboy outfit, but he is also the superhero the Herald who can travel through dimensions with his trumpet.
    When I saw that playing the game, I was like DANG A SPOILER lol...and I only know this from wikipedia XD


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