April 18, 2012

Episode Finale "Auld Acquaintance"

This weekend's episode #26 "Auld Acquaintance" is the season's finale. Fans had to wait more than a year to see the last episode of season one and it has been incredible how everyone kept supporting Young Justice through the hiatuses. So this episode is long awaited!

"Auld Acquaintance" is about the team finally learning the identity of the traitor in their midst, forcing a battle against an enemy more dangerous than any they've ever faced before. My friend Renan lives in Brazil and he already saw the episode #26 because the season aired earlier in different countries and he gave me a hint about a certain scene that I'm sure I'll be giddy about, Renan writes "What do the Americans do on New Year when it is midnight?"

Once the promo photos are released I'll post them to the blog.


  1. Jeezz Kendra! You post that?! rsrsrsrrs. You guys will love everything in the episode, is just to good! But, you guys know if the second season will air next week? Because I don't know if here in Brazil we will have the second season first... I really wanna know what is going to happen with the Justice League! I saw some things about this, but I'm just to curious to wait!!

    And if you want some "spoilers" pictures, I can send to you! You guys must have to know one more thing: Is goint to have a fight betwen Supermen, Superboy, Martian Menhunter, Miss Martian, Batman and Robin!! It's all that I have to say u.u KixKix

    1. Haha of course I had to post it! Season two will premier next week, awesome! idk if it'll show first in Brazil though.

      I would love some promo pics! And I bet the fight will be epic.

    2. Ok, I will send to you tonight! I already have some, but I'm gonna take some more pictures! But the quality is not the best, is from youtube...

  2. im soooooooooooo excited to see this :D


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