March 3, 2012

Guest Writer Jo's Review On Ep. 19


Want to talk about the definition of conveluded?
The Light is more than a formitable force to be dealt with and at the cost of anyone to everyone in the world they have proven themselves to be much more dangerous than anything the Justice League has seen before. So is this the evolution of the Leagion of Doom in progress?
There is quite a few adorable elements such as Superboy having to deal with so many bubbling babes and on his head no less! Can't believe Artemis didn't know "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" but I guess her father, a man obsessed with sports, didn't sing to her much growing up. Billy couldn't be any cuter. There is something very noble about a super hero with a child's innocent heart unlike those like Batman who were tainted from the start. (improv rhyme)
Honestly, not a big Zatanna fan and didn't see her as a good perminent member for multiple reasons. Her abilities don't take basic training but a study & a strong guidence like her father, a master wizard, is needed to properly speak the spells as well as keep them contained safely if any should go arry. Just as M'Gann's natural abilities are so out there only her uncle could train her right. In short she needs to be an apprentice to perfect her craft. She also takes a little longer than the rest to provide combat, but once going is very effective.
". . .I wish he would just give me some space." Epic wish fail!
You see in this episode her spells end up falling short because of her lack in experiance, knowledge, and even self confidence. In past episodes she is much more confident and I think it's because her father has always been there for her to be her backup and inspiration. (#1 reason I didn't care for her before is what seemed to be undeserved confidence) Once gone for the first time there is a huge shift in her. In this sense it's easier to relate, because who hasn't been scared of losing someone close to them? All this together pushes her to become Dr. Fate and I have to say she looked pretty awesome! It's sad that even as Fate she still has trouble putting those powers to full throttle.
WTF was with that battle plan? Just jump in head first and fight a Lord of Chaos? LOL, but is there any other way? The spell was purely age & body related, because Billy is always Billy even on the inside as Captain Marvel so being a kid inside didn't count. It was a perfect loop hole. Can't stop myself, I have to say, Klarion has some stereotype gay-ness going on. XD
In the end Zatarra's sacrifice due to Nabu's cold control is heart wrenching. I really wanted him to tell Nabu to F-off, because what can he do when he's just a flippin' helmet? The goodbye was so short lived it would be like a shock to the system for ones father to just disappear like that. Does he really have to? Can't he live like Kent Nelson did & take off the helmet every now & then or else how did Kent end up getting married? On a personal note I lost my father at an early age so I feel for Zatanna. I want to be there for you, girl!
I know in the comics & animated series Zatarra always disappears one way or another leaving Zatanna all alone. In the rest she's branched out and found her way, but it's going to be interesting to see how she develops living with the team. Now that the male/female ratio is almost even the couples thing is really set (not sure I like this only because it ruins chances at random outside crushes/temporary relationships that could be developmental or angsty). It's obvious as Robin lingers in the doorway he wants to tell her something comforting (like he was in the beginning I wanted to eat him up for being so sweet!) or maybe share that she isn't the only one without parents, but he isn't allowed to reveal anything about himself. Normally, promises are made to comfort not hinder between people, but in this episode it's all that it does.
As she sits on her bed weeping (kind of I didn't see any tears, but again he's not dead & boy did she have A LOT of stuff!) then it turns to Klarion laughing it's a direct image of things to come. Their will be more of the team's tears as The Light wins more battles. At least for now we know that they will be there for her & do everything they can to cheer her up!

- Jo (Guest Writer for YJ Cave).

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