March 10, 2012

"Coldhearted" Episode 20

I would just like to point out that Artemis is confusing to me. First she's pissed that MM and SB are together and no one told her. Now she got a little irritated when Wally was flirting with MM. Lol I just want her to express her emotions.

Anyways loved the episode, thought Wally was hilarious and such a great superhero.


  1. Seriously not disappointed by this ep.
    I love the details the always include to make the characters believable.
    Lil things that caught me were the swimsuit model poster on Wally's wall. His smart mouth really gives more entertainment to the team. He's about to take the heart & they tell him the shock absorbant case can only handle so much he responds with, "No crunking-" XD
    Gawd, w/how MM & SB act how was he not catching on? He did take it better than Artemis did when Zatanna pointed it out. Still confused what that was about. She sure loved bringing him down a peg telling him!

    Zatanna is fully welcomed yet she's still a bit antisocial like she's the only 1 who's lost a parent or is alone. It's a big adjustment, but c'mon does Robin really need to keep reassuring her? He's such a sweety he'll make the perfect BF is she gives him a chance ^.~

    Wasn't the team & League members fighting side by side epic?! They rocked those ships!
    The twist in the end was super. I really thought the queen died!
    Best was KF showing he's growing up. At 1st the day was all about him, but in the end he pushes his limits & tricks Vertigo. "Greatest gift for a stiff like me could get is seeing that little girl smile." AWE!!! ~jo

  2. What a great episode! Was really fun! I just love Wally, his "sexy nerd talk" is just amazing! And the Light is again in the "dark". No one knows that they exist! They're just fantastic! Now I'm crazy to see the next, seems that is going to be great!! Thanx for the episode Kendra, like always! XD

  3. I watched the Turk episode with subtitles....somehow, I liked that one better. I really liked whoever did the Turkish wally, like in the beginning when he was talking about getting a kiss from Megan the voice giggled and made amazingly adorable sounds xD
    they also have great voiced for the rest of the team, I was expecially impressed by the one they picked for artemis--very fitting!

    try to watch it, its great :D


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