February 9, 2012

Young Justice Mug/Cup

This is the mug I found

I was doing another of my "searching for Young Justice merchandise" and I came across this website selling mugs (and other merchandise) with a saying about Young Justice animated. The mug in the picture I designed, you can choose from different styles of mugs and colors. The saying on the mug says this:
One of the only good shows currently on Cartoon Network (other than Batman: The Brave and the Bold) amidst the multitude of shitty shows like The Adventures of Gumball and whatnot. Features teenaged heroes who are part of a covert team that work for the Justice League. Pretty badass in that it contains kick ass animation and fight sequences along with comedy and some drama.
Kid 1: Wow, the new shows on Cartoon Network are sooooooooo funny and good!
Kid 2: Gtfo. Everything sucks except for Young Justice and Batman.

Kid 1: *watches YJ and Batman* Wow, you're right!
Here's the link to check it out, http://www.zazzle.com/custom_urban_dictionary_mug-168422380300109771.

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