February 23, 2012

Promo Photos For Episode 19!

These are some of the promo photos for episode #19, which will air March 3rd at 10:00am. Go to worldsfinestonline.com, to view more photos and trailer clips.

Looking at these pics get me excited even more to watch the new episode! Glad to see Artemis ready to fight, I'm liking her more and more. And I want to know the story behind Superboy and his smile. This episode will be an "edge of your seat" kind of episode ;).

Let everyone know how excited you are by commenting and/or pushing the reaction buttons.


  1. Have I told you how much I love you, Kendra? Seriously, this looks amazing! I just saw the clips and it looks like the big top magicians are going to be in it. That's probably why all the adults disappear (yeah, obvious info is obvious, lol). Weird, though, as most of the magicians are old themselves. Kind of reminds me of episode "Kid's Stuff" from JLU when Mordred made every adult in the world disappear.

    Ok, being the avid KH fan that I am, I can't help but compare the crossroads in the first clip to that of the crossroads from KH:COM.

    But, anyway, this episode is going to be amazing. I wonder who that kid is in the picture. Reminds me a little of Jimmy Olson. Him, or Wally (though, not really as he doesn't have freckles or green eyes). I'm so happy that Zatanna's going to be in the episode; she's still favorite female character.

    Ok, what's with Wally's broken arm? Seriously, he's a Flash! They have Hyper-Accelerated Healing so that arm should've been healed enough to forego the cast. Well, I guess a month isn't that long...and based on the last picture, it either appears he got rid of it, or is hiding it beneath his glove.

    I'm so pumped for the episode right now. Which, isn't good since I really should be working on my AP Lang essay that's due tomorrow and I haven't even started on. Well, better get started...

  2. OMGOSH! Seems that the episode it's going to be epic! And seems that is gonna be a "Magic" episode, so I know that I'm gonna love it! And Zatamma is on the episode too, I love him! Maybe he's going to teach some new spells for his daughter... she really needs know more spells!!

    And Superboy is smiling! I love when he smiles! Hopefully, in this episode, him and MM tell to EVERYONE that they're dating! And more hopefully, Artemis understand this and be happy for them!

    I think I know that first magician, if the power of fire. He remember another magician, from Justice League, that put a spell on the Amazons, turning them into stones... Perhaps is him? Would be interesting, he's very powerfull.

    Well, I'm excited about this episode! It's just a pity that thing with Megaupload, the site that I download the episodes used Megaupload, and I don't know how I'm gonna see the episode with subtitles now... Maybe in Youtube... rsrsrs. But, thanks for the news Kendra, always in time!! <3

  3. Just watched some clips for this episode & my happy sensors inside my brain where tingling w/joy-ness!
    Leaves me w/so many questions I can't wait to have answered ^.^
    I gotta comment on those clips. Why did the gang decide to take Klarion head-on? He is super strong & sensed them immediately, but I really hope they had a better plan behind it, (maybe just a distraction?) cuz he was throwing them around w/a single wave of his hand. . . a well manicured, painted hand. . . Okay, that evil throwing feminine spells around are they trying to suggest something? I wonder. . .
    2 things caught my eye: 1) Zatanna getting tossed then caught by SB I can already see those fans who like random pairings creating a new coupling. Hmm...how could that be joined? ZatKon, Supanna... *feeling dorky* moving on!
    2) KF's arm...He still has the cast on. Feels like forever w/that delay & all I almost forgot. But he obviously gets it off by the last image above. Let's hope he doesn't go breaking anything else! *snickers* Right, Artemis?

    awe, cute lil Billy! Guess the others will find out why he enjoys hanging around them so much.


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