February 6, 2012

New Episoded to Premier in March

On March 3rd, 2012 Young Justice (animated series) newest episode, Misplaced (ep.#19), will air at 10:30am right after the new episode of Green Lantern: The Animated Series. This is the episode summary:
When every adult on the planet disappears, only the team, Zatanna, and Billy Batson are left to defeat the five most powerful sorcerers on Earth.
I'm ecstatic that the new episode will be airing next month but questions still are swarming in my head like, Why is "Misplaced" airing on a Saturday morning? and when are the other episodes going to air? Well when answers to those questions are provided, I'll post about it :).

What does everyone else feel about the new episode airing next month and any thoughts on what might happen?

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  1. OMG, couldn't be happier about this news! Kendra you made my day I wuv you!
    New episodes...Means I have to wake up on Saturday morning. =.= Set the alarm cuz 10:30 is awefully early, lol.

    The summery sounds like a comedic episode in a sense. Is it 18 & older the age limit? So...no Red Arrow???? *tears*
    I find Billy aka Captain Marvel is funny.
    Good thing Zatanna is around for once. (I'm a meany)But this is going to be golden opportunity for her to shine especially since they are messing w/her dad! (fierce protection of family I'm w/her on that)May earn her a perminent spot in the YJ missions. Hope Robin can keep his crush-spasms in order *teasing*.
    They can't be the only teenage & younger super heros in the world. This would be an open field to bring in other side characters we haven't seen yet. I can't wait to see who's next! (not as the cost of losing anyone though)

    I can't help, but wonder what juvenile sorcerers thought the surest solution to world domination would be to vanish all adults? LOL


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