December 6, 2011

Gifts To Put On Your Holiday List!

Since the gift-giving & receiving holidays are coming up I came up with a list of 11 Young Justice and DC comics items that you can add to your "What I Want" list or your "What To Get For This Person" list!

1. The Young Justice DVDs (Volume 1 & Volume 2 available)

2. Young Justice action figures

3.  Young Justice T-Shirts

4. Playing Cards

5. Comic Issues

6. Pajamas

7. Jewelry

8. Shoes

9. Back Pack

10.  Posters/Art

11. Ear Buds

You can get these gifts at Hot Topic (at the store and online), Ebay, Amazon, other online stores. These products might also be in stores too. 


  1. The shoes are awesome. I got the black batman shoes and love them.

  2. I normally don't wear those type of shoes, mostly flats and sandals, but if I had those Flash shoes I would love to wear them :D

    Thanks for commenting Daylin!

  3. such a cute idea! :)

  4. OMGOSH!! I want the shoes, the Batman jewelry and the Ear Buds!! The shoe is totally me, but the jewElry I just want to have and the Ear Bud is amazing, I need that! I love All Star and I already saw one like this, but the entire Justice League was in the shoe! I want one of of this as my birthday present *--*!!

  5. Can you possibly include links as to where we might purchase these? Thanks~
    I love every one of them. GIMME GIMME GIMME.

  6. Oh yes I'll put up the links for you Stella! :)

  7. Ya, links for each thing would be nice! I just scoured the internet for the playing cards (which I DESPERATELY want) and came up with nothing!


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