November 9, 2011

Young Justice playing cards

I thought this was cool and wanted to share it!

 There are more playing cards


  1. NO FREAKING WAAY!!!!! rockets in here!!!!!!!!!! i heard the rumors about her but i didnt believe them!!!!!!!! OMG!!! i wonder if we will get to see her kid :D pr HER mentor!!! he is so cool.

  2. "pr" was supposed to say..."i I wonder if we will get to see" HER mentor. stupid unresponsive keyboard.

  3. Kaylagough,

    Yeah I'm very excited to see more of Rocket! She already has done two cameos in the last episodes but I hope she gets more of a speaking part. I don't know a lot about her and her mentor so I'm very interested in knowing more! Idk if their going to put her kid in the show though, I kinda hope not. Lol I was trying to figure out what "pr" meant! ;p

  4. This card deck leaking was how I learned about Zatanna, Rocket, & Wolf being shown in future eps a while ago. Pretty kewl!

    Idk much about Rocket either other than she has a supersuit which allows her to fly, but the aspect of a young, black mother where I'm from is so completely common I almost want them to include it. My best, my BAPS, is a wonderful, intelligent person who's working, going to college, & a single parent.
    Just bc Rocket is supposed to have a kid, which I srly doubt they'll include in YJ anyways being as it's on CN, doesn't mean she'd be anything less of a superhero. If anything I think it would give her even greater courage to fight & be tough, bc there is someone important in her life worth keeping the world safe for. But there's also the other hand of not premoting teen pregnancy & scary fact a mother is risking her life.

    Sry, gettin' a lil dramatic there, lol.

  5. ~jo,

    Yeah I knew about the other characters & playing cards too, I just never posted them but today I was like....hmmmm I should probably post it lol.

    Where I'm from that's also common too, the teen-single parent situation. What does BAPS mean?
    I too doubt that CN would put her with a child because the show is suppose to be targeted to kids(mostly boys) under like 15 or an age around there. I don't think Rocket is less of a Superhero just cus she has a kid, I think a lot of superheros in comics have kids or atleast adopt/take under their wing, I just don't think the producers should put a teenage Rocket with a kid.

    lol it's all good :) I'm happy you comment!

  6. Wow, these are sooo cool! :D Is it possible to buy them somewhere?! I just love them! :D

  7. MoR,

    Hmm I'm sure you could buy them online but the cards were being passed out at SDCC 2011.


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