November 25, 2011

Poll Results (new polls now up for voting)

"Who Has the Best Costume" and "Should There Be A Live Action(Real Actors) Young Justice Movie" were the latest poll questions. These two questions have the most votes ever! Which is freakin' exciting! So thank you to everyone who voted! But if you did miss the voting, no worries, the newest two polls are open for voting! Here are the results:

For Who Has the Best Costume?....
Robin won first place with 108 votes (44%)
Artemis took second place with 55 votes (22%)
Kid Flash is in third place with 38 votes (15%)
Aqualad came in fourth place with 16 votes (6%)
Superboy took fifth place with 15 votes (6%)
Miss Martian, last but not least, has 12 votes (4%)

For Should There Be A Live Action(Real Actors) Young Justice Movie?....
Young Justice Voice Actors, click to zoom in
Only if there will be good enough actors! is the first place winner with 90 votes (55%)
No those type of movies never work. came in second place with 48 votes (29%)
Yes that would be entertaining! took last place with 23 votes (14%)


  1. Krissy KrissNovember 26, 2011

    if their would be a live action movie i would want to be Aqualad i have been working out for this moment.and i can pull off blond hair and i have good feet and i can swim lol :P i can pull that part off i should send cartoon network my head shots

  2. ahaha I want to play Miss Martian, of course her Martian form. Paint me green and put a red wig on me, I'll put it off ;) And when she turns into her human form, get another girl to play that part and when she goes back to being green....BAM i'm there!

  3. Krissy KrissNovember 26, 2011

    ahahahahahha nice that would be cool :D

  4. Wow, I recognize a lot of these actors! Pretty kewl.

    lmao, I wanna see some cosplay from you two!
    "...goes back to green...BAM I'm there!" That's freaking awesome!

    My features best fit Artemis, if I die my hair blonde, & so does my demeaner. Now I only need to learn the bow...I bet I could trick my friends into dressing as bad guys...w/some extra padding of course, mwahahaha!

  5. Ooooo Artemis! You must be pretty then :) I actually want to take up archery just cus of Artemis lol.

    And ahaha I would totally do cosplay! I just need to buy some green paint and a red wig. lol. ;)

  6. OOH! So I wanna be Aqualad!! I just don't want cut my hair, I like him so much lol !! Kendra Krissy Kriss I wanna see some cosplay from you guys too XD !!

    My vote for the best costume was to Artemis, but I like Robin costume too!


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