November 29, 2011

New Episodes won't air till 2012

During December episodes "Targets", "Terrors", and "Homefront" will air on Cartoon Network but not every Friday. "Targets" will air on the 9th, "Terrors" on the 16th, and "Homefront" on the 30th. The reason is because Cartoon Network decided to air a special program and movie during December..

So we'll get to watch new episodes sometime in 2012. Once season 1 is over, there is no telling when season 2 will air. I think it'll air sometime near summer season because occasionally TV show seasons are spaced out and I don't think the producers are done with season 2 yet.

I'm sure a lot of us YJ fans are disappointed that we won't be able to watch new episodes till 2012, I know I'm disappointed but not that shocked. CN has done this before, which is kind of confusing because even on their website it was shown that Young Justice was one of their popular shows. I wonder if they do that to other shows? Even if there is special programmings and movies, the episodes CN does show should be new ones, not repeats. But I do love every YJ episode but we can always watch old episodes online anytime, but not new ones (duh lol).

My friend Kayla G. (who is also a YJ fan) went to the Cartoon Network website and left a complaint/opinion about the way the network handles Young Justice. I think that's a great idea and I'll probably do that too, once I'm done with my homework lol.

Anyways, how do you all feel about this? Leave your thoughts in the comment section. For the comment section you can choose any of the options like Anonymous, Name (you don't have to put anything in the URL sections), and so on.

Thanks to my friend and YJ fan Juan M. for bringing the episode line-up to my attention <3!


  1. Sigh. Suppose we r back to waiting--something we are way too familiar with now haha. maybe some stuff will get leaked like last time. i am frustrated. i mean like you said, it is an extremely popular show...why try to jeopardize that? just doesnt make sense. AT LEAST WE HAVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

  2. That's a pity. I'm not shocked too, but I'm still sad... I thought that I would have a new YJ episode as my birthday present, but seems that my present will be just the episode "Homefront".It's good, but is not the same as a new episode... rsrs

    CN has to see that YJ is one of the most popular shows, so they have to consider that! The most cartoons has the new episodes like what, every month? So why do we have to wait so long?! Is gonna be a long wait until 2012, but the only things that we can do is REALLY just wait and do like your friend Kayla G., sending a message about this to CN website. They need to know how we felt about this. Thanx for listening, kisskiss XD

  3. You said whaaaaaat????!!!!!
    Oh my God! Are you saying that there won't air any new episode of YJ? They've just killed me.
    Why??!!! Why are they so mean? They want all the new episodes only for them.... They want us to wait.... Evil people (here we said: Mala genteee!!!!!)

    PS: greetings from Spain!!
    Here we don't have any news of YJ!! Most people don't know that the show exists.... I'm sad about that... For this reason I don't like the idea of waiting until next year.

    - KFArtyLover

  4. Far from surprising ): I suspected they would air some of the "Old" episodes when I saw that targets would air December 9. I can understand that they cut it out in December due to Christmas shows and yada, yada, but I do hope they are quick about it when it returns in 2012 though because season 2: invasion has been said to come in 2012 as well, so we need time to watch the new episodes if your theory is true and they are going to air season 2 in the summer.

    I know CN is doing this to their most popular shows, actually, because they are BIG events and therefore keeps people at bey and interested. Small shows they can air over and over again, because they're not that big of "events", or so I imagine CN thinks.

    It's like that the more you've got/get of something the more of its value it "loses". It's kind of like money. If CN handed YJ out daily I'm sure they believe people would get "tired" of it or think of it as nothing "special".

    Oh well, that's just how things work sometime D: I'd hope they would start airing the new episodes in January so I could get a new episodes the same week as my birthday, but no such luck, I guess *sigh*

  5. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! DD:
    Thats so mean >.<

    But why they didn't air a Epi last Week oO?
    I can't understand.. >_>

    I live in Germany and hope that the Show will be released here someday, too.. But the german channels don't buy them as long as there isn't one season finished >_<

  6. I have a theory. This is because of the DC Nation block? They're hoarding episodes so that there's less time between new episodes not under the 2012 DC Nation block and the ones that are.

    That's the only thing I can see making sense...

    *goes back to writing paper for finals*

  7. . . . .I think I just had a brain aneurism.

    A weekly show keeps fans coming back for more what more could they want? At least make it through the 1st season, right? They made it to ep. 18! *growls*

    Cartoon Network is the slowest & worst at updates. That's yet another reason why I love this blog! Kendra, you are better at keeping up w/current events than the damn network's site!

    I don't understand the politics of what may be happening whether it's slow production or more likely what zotSOS has mentioned.
    Googled it & there is an upcoming DC Nation Block being situated which will include yet another Batman based show come 2013. Then there's that CGI Green Lantern *shutters* Let's just say I'm looking at these like I do The Brave & the Bold
    Please, don't tell me that these kinds of shows are causing a hold up on some seriously well plotted & animated series like YJ?!?!
    Also found this tidbit to look forward to: "Young Justice: Invasion, a 10-episode miniseries spinning out of the original Young Justice." Which will come out 1st this or the 2nd season, lol.

    I gotta wonder what it would be like to work on such a show? There are so many characters, elements, plotlines to create then managing development & getting it aired? I think I'd enjoy doing that job.

    Either way this is causing pain in my fangirl heart. Just when I'm causing a ruckus to not miss a single new ep. they decide to starve us. December really can be depressing =.=,
    Least we can do is keep up the fandom!

  8. That's just disgusting! CN is just a bunch of idiots who think comics rot people's brains. Yeah well, you know what?! Secret Mtn. Fort Awesome is the dumbest show in the world and if I ever find THAT in place of YJ some butts are gonna be startin an intimate relationship with my foot!! Grrr!

  9. I luv the series but not tht they space this out like this! I scared tht young justice will end up like the teen titans! I mean I used to watch them all the time then once a hit movie for them comes out they made one more very and I'll repeat tht again VERY confusion episode! Tht still leaves most of use wondering. I mean if they do tht I'd be so mad! If they lead us to luv this then after 5 seasons and a hit movie they just leave us wondering for the rest of our lives... Why?

  10. When I learned they are not going to come out with new episodes I just shook my head. I love this show and in sick of waiting but oh well

  11. I can't wait!!! I hope its coming out this friday! HOPE HOPE HOPE!!

    :) maristhesealatin


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