November 15, 2011

New episode images!

Here are the images  to "Secrets", the episode airing this Friday! OMG, this episode will be EPIC!

Is Miss Martian a zombie bride? lol she would choose that! Oh Conner, a mummy? And Wally love the Teen Wolf look ahaha ;)

Got the info from worldsfinestonline.


  1. WOW! Conner is so fluffy! And Miss Martian is gorgeous with this zombie look, I just love it all the costumes!

    So this guy is the Harm!... He seems be very powerful. I hope that the YJ can defeat him! And Red Arrow it's going to participate too (better for them!), with Zatanna (better twice!). Seems that Artemis will have a big participation (and a big fight too). This episode is just keeps getting better!!!

    I wonder what will Aqualad and Robin make in this episode, they do not appear in any action scene... Well, now we can only wait Friday come!!

  2. Holy cow, these pics look awesome! For some reason, Harm reminds me of an Anime character. Just don't know which one...

    And, of course, Miss Martian is a Zombie Bride. Hmm, is that white all over her body white make-up or is it her natural appearance? *Gasp* Maybe that's going to be the ending, Miss Martian looking herself in the mirror, seeing her reflection, and changing back to her green skin color and then sink down to the ground and cry. Whoa, my mind works in crazy ways...

    Anyway, I love the costumes everyone's wearing. I almost didn't recognize Wally at first, but then you see the green eyes and know it's him. And, lol, Superboy's just part mummy.

    Hey, look, Red Arrow's making an appearance. Wonder why he's there. Hopefully not babysitting, but that would be flippin' hilarious.

    And, Robin's leaning back triumphantly? That means he going to troll somebody in the episode. Wonder what Robin has in store?

    That picture with Zatanna and Artemis on their motorcycles is just awesome. Artemis is so hardcore shooting arrows while driving her motorcycle. that Robin's cycle I see Zatanna riding? Or something similar to it 'cause Artemis has her very own color on hers. And, yes, I know they had their own cycles, all the same color, in episode 5.

    And, the Artemis glare. Not as creepy as the Batglare but still serves its purpose.

    Hmm, what's Artemis holding? It's too dark to see but I think it's a mini cross-bow or something. And, whoa, the background is so gloomy. Wonder what disaster going to surround New York city. With Zatanna there, it probably has to be magic-related. That bids the question, how did Zatanna convince her father to let her hang out with Artemis if she's "grounded for life?" It must be something very bad, or she snuck out.

    And I saw the trailer and that looked awesome as well! I can't wait to see the episode on Friday.


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