October 3, 2011

Young Justice Episode 12 Review

Sorry for mispronouncing Cheshire's name, I can't get it right lol. 


  1. No, I also did not realize they could be siblings, lol. Maybe because of the Caucasian outer characteristics of Artemis you mentioned.
    And Wally… Yeah, I think I can guess how he’ll react when he finds out^^
    Anyways, good review, and don’t worry about the mispronounciation, I’ll consider it as a blooper, lol :)

  2. Hango,

    Yeah I thought maybe Artemis and Cheshire were just friends or past partner-in-crimes lol.
    When Wally finds out, that will be hilarious, I can't wait for that ;) ahaha!

    Aww thanks for the compliment :] I really appreciate that and aha yeah that was a blooper ;)

  3. Man, it was sooo cool see you talk, Kendra! ;P I actually played with the idea of sending you a video "hello" from me as well xD Hopefully, despite being Norwegian, my English is not all that bad to listen to when I speak out loud!

    I totally agree with you on most parts here! I mean, I didn't like Artemis (nor disliked her) before this episode and after watching Homefront I just realised that: I like this girl, she's cool.

    Overall, IT WAS SO FUCKING GREAT to see an episode with DICK GRAYSON IN AGAIN <3 <3 Now Wally needs to be focused on D: he and Dick are SERIOUSLY lacking screen time and they're my two all time favouries so come on! and yes, Superman and Superboy interaction - it's time god damn it!

    The only thing I DIDN'T like about the Homefront episode was the voice actor of Barabara Gordon. I'm not going to judge the voice actor before we maybe get to hear her talk more, but after hearing the Batgirl's voice in Batman (which is the voice of the same woman who does TenTen in the anime Naruto and various other stuff) that light, girly voice just became... wrong xD

    Hopefully I'll change my mind if they show her again and she gets to talk more than one sentences!

    Good review! :) I'm looking forward to the next one you're doing and BTW: You're beautiful! Just thought I'd mention that. I, like, looked at you and thought: damn, she's sooo pretty! xD Mail ya later, bye!

    - MoR

  4. MoR,

    YAY! I'm glad you finally got to see what I look like. And that would be soooo awesome if you made a "Hello" Video, I really want to see what you look like! :) And don't worry about your English, I always mess up my English and I'm American ahaha!

    Yes I think "Home Front" really made Artemis more likable and had ppl sympathize with her. I think there should be an episode where Robin and Kid Flash have their past told and show how they became friends, that would be EPIC!

    I agree with you on Barbara's voice, it sounded like a typical jealous girl :/ But I still think it was cool that the ppl behind Young Justice put her in there. :)

    I hope to be able to do a video review each week, I will say at first I was nervous cus I don't like really video taping myself but I really wanted to do it so yeah ahaha! :)

    Awww thanks STINA!!!!! I totally blushed when I read your comment on saying I was pretty.....your so bias, you have to say that, i'm your friend ahahah j/k!

    I'll be looking out for you email and take care!

    -YJ Blogger

  5. Really good review
    cracked me up

  6. Thanks :)
    I'm glad you found it enjoyable!


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