October 22, 2011

Review on episode 15 "Humanity"

I really enjoyed watching "Humanity", the whole time I was laughing and excited to see what was going to happen next. I didn't have any dislikes, everything was very interesting!
I found T.O Morrow to be creepy but the way he was depicted was very good. I started to feel sorry for Red Tornado when T.O Morrow was taking him apart and didn't let him have a voice box. I also loved the way the Young Justice artists and producers told the history behind the "Reds" and T.O Morrow, i really appreciated that because for someone like me who is still new to DC comics I knew nothing of T.O Morrow and the Reds' history. 
Another thing that was a plus was the introduction of Zatana! I freaking love her character <3 I've read other reviews on her being in "Humanity" and some didn't like her and thought she was too much of "Mary Sue" character....but I liked her :) I think it's interesting the writers showed that she needs training on her magical powers, so I really don't think she is a "Mary Sue" character. I think the overall best part of Zantana being in episode 15 was her and Robin's flirting with each other <3 I love those two together and I think they would make a cute couple. Robin needs to calm down a little though, don't want to scare her away with all that jumping in her face ahaha. I'm wondering if Robin and Zatana will have a romance in future episodes. I do know that he won't have a romance with anyone season 1 but season 2 is always open :) And yes I know he is 13yrs old but I think that's old enough to have an "innocent" relationship with someone.
Well Kladur now needs someone, any ideas on who would go good with Kaldur? Anyways I like Zatana's powers and I have a feeling that she might be back in future episodes!
Is it me or does about every episode since YJ came back on air have Miss Martian almost dying? Like I'm noticing a pattern here, maybe I'm just paranoid because I'm wondering which character will be gone. Of course I thought Miss M and Superboy was cute together, especially when they yelled they aren't human. Classic.
Kaldur was a good leader and I enjoyed it when he told Superboy to calm down over Red Tornado, it's good to see Kaldur being a good friend and trying to help Superboy think things through instead of just jumping to conclusions. 
I'm glad we got to see that Red Tornado wasn't the mole or evil. Red Tornado is very good hero and I knew he was innocent once he wrote on the ground "Play Dead"(duh lol). It's very heroic that he was going to sacrifice his life to save the team. Plus he's going to watch over his "father", so Red Tornado I'm sure will be missed at the Cave.
Once again this episode was AWESOME! Totally worth watching and I know future episodes are just going to keep getting better and better :) 


  1. The title for the ep. was so very deep, because you have to look into the meaning of what makes someone human (aside from biology). The Red's A.I. seemed to stick with them despite Morrow's changes. "No more Pinnochios-" A very creepy statement in itself. But I wonder if his work will end there being as that assistant isn't disabled and seems to be an actual human by his bed side in the end.
    I always love how there is a deeper, underlying theme to every episode.

    KF sitting in a lawn chair, snacking, & being waited on by Captain Marvel as the others practice fighting, omg, makes me love him more.(cuz i would so do that) But I wonder how he gets that skin tight costume on under the cast? Is it all 1 piece or the gloves removable? Did anyone else notice this? LOL

    Zatanna...hmm...she's an adorable lil daddy's girl! Which is the only part I don't like about her. Her confidence & direct way of speaking to the team is commendable, but she's just met them. Whether their psychic conversation was rude or not it was non of her business & not even about her, lol. Being as she's Robin's lil crush maybe his fans are apprehensive?
    Either way his expressions were hilarious. Robin had yet to have a "love interest" or suggestion for one so this could be it? Maybe he's even more eager to jump for a cute GF being the youngest & seeing the others growing relationships?
    I know there's already fans wanting to see more of Barbara (Batgirl)& him. She seemed pretty jealous of Art when Dick took that picture w/her. Just saying-hahahahaha!
    Zatanna's already proven herself to be a useful team member & her skills will only grow immensely. "Grounded forever" lol it may be the 2nd season before she shows again xD.
    I'm on the fence about it, but I'm leaning towards why not bring her back? In other shows she's always been a minor character so can't wait to see.
    1 thing we must always remember about the DC superheros is that relationships between heros never seem to last. They grow apart, become enemies, disappear, die...or get knocked up, lol.

    On that note I've looked into YJ the comic before & though the creators have changed a lot if they stick to any kind of history I fear for certain characters. This is what I found, but unsure how true it is that Impulse & Superboy (can't remember but also Arrowette)are killed. We haven't seen Impulse yet, but if he isn't going to be used then would KidFlash take his place? 0.0 NOOOOOO!!!
    The suspence is torture. I bet that's their season 1 cliff hanger...

    ~eViL aka jo
    ps: sry if this was sent more than 1x my pg gives me problems when posting.

  2. Zatanna might be back by the end of the season since the finale is titled "Auld(Old) Acquaintance". Also someone posted on the net (it may have just been a rumor) that Zatanna was the newest member of the Team come Invasion.

    If that is true then the question remains who is the person joining the Team mid-season? I don't think Superboy's pets count. So the new team member could show up any episode now.

    As for who could be a potential love interest for Kaldur, I think Rocket (Icon's sidekick who cameoed in "Revelation") might be a good possibility. She was on the YJ playing cards form Comic-Con and was ranked just below Zatanna, so she may make another appearance.

  3. Jo,

    I love your review! I agree that every episode has a deep meaning, which makes Young Justice epic.But with this one, it was truly deep and I felt for Red Tornado.

    KF is the best friend everyone should have ahaha, and I love nachos just like him! aha! Hm good point I didn't even notice the cast when he put his costume on, i guess the creative team ignored that part.

    Aha why don't you like daddy's little Zantana? and I hope she comes back I would like to see more of her, so I can get more of a understanding of her and see what she is capable of. And with Robin I think he'll be a flirt whenever a cute superhero comes around lol he hangs around Wally too much ;)

    I swear I will heartbroken over the show if any of the main characters are gone, I've grown to like them all. Why does anyone have to die?! Why can't the characters live happily ever after!!?? And that would make a good cliff hanger for season one.

  4. Anonymous,

    I wouldn't mind Zatana being the newest member of the team, like my dad told she brings another element to the team that would help them out a lot.

    I know a few fans want Blue Beetle to join the team, also others would like to see Supergirl, Wondergirl, and Batgirl.

    That would be great if Rocket showed up in YJ again cus I TOTALLY MISSED HER LOL. I would love to see how Kaldur acts in a relationship.


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