October 1, 2011

Poll Results!

Alright the recent polls are now closed for business and down below are the results. Thanks to everyone who voted! If you didn't get a chance to vote, don't worry the new polls are now up, toward the right side. For the now old polls the questions were "How Do You Think Artemis' Past Will Be Revealed?" and the other was "Which Relationship Are You A Fan Of?"

For How Do You Think Artemis' Past Will Be Revealed?

Someone from her past will tell her secrets won with 75 votes(61%)
Artemis confesses and  The team will do a background check tied in second place with 20 votes(16%)
I have no clue took third place with 5 votes(4%)
Her past will never be revealed is in last place with 2 votes(1%)

For Which Relationship Are You A Fan Of?

SpitFire(Wally & Artemis) is in first place with 64 votes(44%)
Both Relationships came in second place with 29 votes(20%)
I'm more a slash fan took third place with 22 votes(15%)
SuperMartian (Conner & M'gann) is in fourth place with 17 votes(11%)
I'm not interested in romantic stuff came in last place with 11votes(7%)

If you have a question for future polls let me know :)

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