October 19, 2011

New Young Justice comic issue (#9)

DC comics has released the newest comic issue #9, which involves The team taking Espionage 101 from Captain Atom. Their class project is to solve a cold case that involves a forty-year-old murder mystery, a military conspiracy and a half-decent chance that none of them will come out alive. This issue is written by Greg Weisman and Kevin Hoops, art and cover by Christopher Jones. Are you guys interested in buying the issue? I most def. curious on how the team will make it out safely. The information was provided by World'sFinestOnline, there is more promo pics of issue #9 on the website: Click here


  1. i looked at the link and you know whats funny?? the "cold case" captain atom assigned the YJ team was his own. He is the Nathaniel Adams who was convicted of that crime! that is sooo clever. i really want to buy these comics but i cant find them anywhere! oh well :)

  2. Kaylagough,

    OMG i never knew that lol i really need to brush up on some DC comics history! But yeah that is totally clever ;)

    well i do know that you can buy them online, i'll post the websites for you :D

  3. ok THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kaylagough,

    mmhhm :) no problem, glad to help! :]


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