September 22, 2011

"Terrors" Promotional Images

 A big thanks to Zotsos for directing me to the pics :)
What do you guys think of the promo images?


  1. Cool! Awesome reaction time Miss Webmistress. :)
    Thanks for the thanks.

    Anywho, Superboy is like the mix of a backstreet boy and a glam rocker...I want to stare but it's not polite!

    Megan looks so...strong, you know? Like...she's going to break her bass over your head after the next set.

    I love how Conner lounges in that chair like "I am in's is the same as the cave...the TV doesn't work." ;)

    I just did a spit take: Mister Freeze is wearing a control collar over his helmet! lol. That looks so silly.

  2. Aha, I try to post as quickly as I can ;)

    Superboy actually looked cute that way <3 aha totally backstreet and glam rocker!

    I love how they Miss Martian and Superboy looked when they were sitting on the couch lol.


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