August 21, 2011

Fan Fiction

1.) "Rainy Recollections" written by FanFiction writer Flying Feather.
Summary: A rainy evening helps Bruce and Dick remember what Batman and Robin stand for.
If you love Bruce and Dick interaction, then this is the story for you! I found this story to be very heart warming. Here is the link, so every one can read the story:

2.) "Queen of Anything" written by FanFiction writer Sylviechic.
Summary: What Ollie didn't get, was that Roy didn't need his help.
Ok one of my favorites! This is a song fic and not only is the song also one of my favs, the story is awesome :) This is the link to the story:

3.) "Can't Go Back" written by FanFiction writer Val-Creative.
Summary: Hitting the wall. It was a concept Wally had been unavoidably familiar with since his recreation of Flash's accident. /Wally-centric. High T. Oneshot.
Another epic story, this is really a must read! I just love the writing skills this author has. To see the story, click the link: 

4.) "Of Super Speed and Wally West" written by FanFiction writer BanannaSlapz517
Summary: A collection of one-shots based on the original Kid Flash.
I've been following this story since Chapter 1, and I always look forward to when the author updates the story, I highly recommend this story! Click the link to read the story:

5.) "The Theory of PMS" written by Fanfiction writer traciller.
Summary:  Kid Flash tries to explain PMS to Superboy.
Such a hilarious story, I was laughing the whole time! Plus the writing and the idea of the story is brilliant :) To read this story, click the link:

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