July 25, 2011

Young Justice fans united at Comic-Con on Sunday

Me at Comic-Con!
I chose to write about my experience at Comic-Con and sitting in the Young Justice panel today, even though I went yesterday (Sunday) because I feel awake and refreshed. :) The Young Justice panel was going to start at 10:00am, so Sunday morning I woke up at 6:00am and my mother dropped off me and my dad to the San Diego Convention center two hours early before the YJ panel started. When I finally got my badge, me and my father went to stand in line for the panel and let me tell, the line was LONG!!! Whoa, I was so shocked! I mean I knew Young Justice was a popular show but I didn't think so much people would come and support :) The lines actually went on the other side of the building! Luckily I was near the middle of the line so I didn't have to be all the way in the back. While standing in line it was a great feeling being able to chat with other Young Justice fans face to face. Some people were dressed up as dressed up as Robin, Red Arrow, Artemis, and Miss Martian. While others opted for a shirt with the symbol of their favorite superhero. I wore a Harry Potter shirt because I'm still suffering from PPD (Post Potter Depression) lol.

Inside the Young Justice panel room. 
After waiting for sometime everyone was let inside the panel room. Me and my dad got to sit in the third row in the front, which I am extremely happy about. But I did feel sorry for some people because not everyone was able to be let inside because the room was filled up, too many Young Justice fans ;) I made sure to look around so I can see what most YJ fans look like, and most people were Adults to Teenagers. There was some little kids, but obviously they were there because of their parents. I was ecstatic to see the different age ranges among the crowd. I for some reason expected to see much younger people just because Young Justice is defined as a "kid" show, but nope mostly Young Adults. Before the producers and creative team came out to talk to us, the room was showed a "special screening", it was episode 10 "Targets". I had already seen the episode due to it leaking on the Internet but it was still epic to watch it on a huge screen with a room filled with YJ fans :) I will never forget laughing with the crowd and smiling and clapping throughout the screening with everyone.

Danica McKellar, she does
the voice for
Miss Martian!
Once "Targets" was over and someone turned off the light, the mediator guy talking in the microphone announced that the producers were in the room and gestured to my right. Everyone turned and saw Brandon and Greg (the producers) but there was also others standing next to them. I recognized one of them females and became star-struck because I realized that the woman was Danica McKellar, who is the voice-actress from Miss Martian!!! (Danica also played Wendy in the hit T.V show "Wonder Years"). Greg, Brandon, Danica, and another guy who works on the character design walked up to the table where the microphones were at and settled in, ready to talk to us. I was so excited, I could barley sit in my chair, you see I never got to experience being in the same room as the people who created my favorite show or movie, so I was acting like a antsy fangirl :p

The Producers, Brandon and Greg.
Greg was wearing a
"Hello Megan!" shirt.
Mostly Greg and Brandon talked about their vision of the show and their process of getting it started. Danica talked about her experience working as Miss Martian and what it meant to her to be chosen for the role. The guy who was the character designer explained his techniques on creating the looks for the super heroes and he also revealed that he works on sound too. Then later on during the panel the audience was giving the chance to ask questions, a lot of people jumped up from their chairs and ran to get in line. Some questions were good, others I found to be very disappointing like finishing song lyrics...like really? Song lyrics?!...But some of the good questions were like is Green Lantern & his whole core going to show up in Young Justice, will we get to see Wonder Girl in future episodes, One person dressed like Roy in a suit asked when will people ever get his name right, Another person dressed like Dick Grayson asked do you feel the aster (lol), and a girl dressed up like Miss Martian asked if Megan and Conner will have more romantic scenes and she also baked them cookies and gave it to them :)

Voice Actress for
Black Canary!           
Batman made out of Legos
Another exciting moment was when they introduced the voice actress for Black Canary! Everyone brought out their cameras and started snapping pics. At the end of the panel the producers said see you next year and thanked us for coming. Every one on the panel seemed very happy to see a room filled with fans and we loved to show them our support. The panel didn't talk about why there hasn't been any new episodes and they wouldn't reveal any details for the new episodes to come but they did say that Miss Martian and Conner would have more romantic scenes (lol Red, don't get upset lol). Oh and the producers said they'll keep doing Young Justice episodes as long as they can :D I  had an EPIC time at Comic-Con and I can't wait to go next year!!!
Man dressed as Superman looking
at his cell phone (lol)


  1. LUCKY! I want to go there so bad! It's sort of hard for me since I'm way over on the other side of the states. :/ But it's on my bucket list! ;D
    I'm glad that you had fun! :D

  2. Hey Katie,
    Thanks, I did have fun :)
    Oh don't worry I'm sure you'll be able to one day! It's every year so you'll be able to catch one :)

  3. Man, you were sooo lucky! :3 I really wish I could have been there!!! I can imagine you having the greatest time ever there! :)

  4. Hello MoR,
    :) Yeah I did have a great time! I most def will be going back next year! I hope you can come too one day :)

  5. Of course they're gonna have more romantic scenes, that's all those writers think teenagers go through I8<

    Anyway, I'm happy you were able to attend and that you had such a good time! As a Canadian, I have never experienced such joy D8 Nothing interesting ever happens at our Cons.
    Maybe the ones in Toronto, but not where I live at least.

  6. Red,
    lol I think it's surprising that the writers even do romantic scenes because the show is suppose to be aimed towards "kid-teen boys", I guess they think that's what boys like? lol

    Aww thanks so much! Yeah I did have a great time :) What is the Canadian cons like?

  7. I didn't get to go to the YJ panel, but I DID go to the "Ben-10/Generator Rex" panel and the reps from Rex's production staff mentioned that their show was being kept from airing new episodes by Cartoon Network also and nobody would tell them why. Maybe they're being kept for a Fall season premiere?

  8. Heckfire,
    Did you have a good time at Comic-con? And ya know you might be right! CN holding back episodes for the fall season is probably what they are trying to do. A producer for YJ did say that he thinks new episodes will air in September.

  9. kaylagoughJuly 29, 2011

    HEY!!!!!!! i hope you had fuun!!!!!!!!!!! going there must be insanely amazing. i want to go there one year. love ya!!

  10. Hey Kayla Love :)
    I did have fun and its an awesome feeling being with a whole bunch of people that love the same thing you do! You should come one year!!! It's every year so there's always a chance for you to come :D


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