July 31, 2011

Young Justice at Comic-Con 2011 (Updates!)

Yeah I really had to post this today. I guess I'm excited about it because 1.) I was there and I was in third row in the Young Justice panel, and 2.) I wanted all the other fans to see the producers and creative team. And what it was like at Comic Con. Plus there is some more updates about Young Justice. Oh and I have question, what do you guys think of the Producer Greg Weisman saying that his shirt, "Hello Megan!", gives a "spoiler/clue"? Does anyone have any ideas on what that might mean for Miss Martian in future episodes? This is video is from THE WB YouTube channel.


  1. about the spoiler clue.... (WARNING).... i heard that that miss martian could be the traitor or the one who dies, in the worst scenery she is the traitor and she gets killed
    i also heard something about a third martian species, you know like, white martians and green martians... something about red or yellow martians and that she's related to them somehow

  2. Hey Izzy :)
    Yeah I read about that too! I hope, hope, hope that M'gann will NOT die and I hope she is NOT the traitor...I hate sad stuff like that :( But I think it would be cool to have her really be a different species!


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